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The island of Rottumeroog is a very quiet and unique nature reserve in the eastern part of the Netherlands Wadden Sea area. It is a resting place for seals and during the breeding period, many protected birds settle down. The island is protected and not publicly accessible. Fortunately, our association has a license to hike to the outer area of this protected island several times a year.

The island appeals to one’s imagination. It has an illustrious past. Monks have lived there and even an Irish count. He was known as the ‘odd Irish count of Rottumeroog’.
The final inhabitant was island supervisor Jan Toxopeus, who left in 1965.
Since then, the island is uninhabited, except for temporary managers/birdwatchers during the breeding season.
Forces of nature move Rottumeroog eastwards in the direction of the Eems. Government policy is to not interfere and leave this process to nature.

For this trip, we gather at the fishing port of Lauwersoog and travel by bus to the starting point at the Emmapolder. The minimum group size is approximately 30 people, maximum group size is 40 people.
The two hour of the trip is strenuous due to muddy land reclamation works. Since 2020, the mud in this area has increased. A very good condition of the participant is required for this tour. After reaching the first tidal creek, the mudflats become easier to hike through. When the hike goes smooth enough and the group likes to make a detour, we can walk in easterly direction. In that area, beautiful creeks and shell banks will surprise you.
After passing several tidal creeks and coming closer to Rottumeroog, we encounter the white sand of Zuiderduintjes. This vegetated sandbar used to be part of Rottumeroog and is located south of it. It was separated from the island in 1930. We can see the beacon ‘Emder Kaap’ in the distance on the island. 
Upon arriving at the location of the ship at a sandbank at the edge of the island that will bring us to the mainland, you will be impressed to see the speed of the flood: the sandbank disappears quickly.
It will take us four hours by ship to bring us to the port of Lauwersoog. From the ship, you have a beautiful view of the island Rottumerplaat. For sure, you will see seals! 

• Departure place: Parking in the Lauwersoog fishing harbor, quay next to the fish auction.
Address: Haven 16, 9976 VN Lauwersoog, (with the exception of Saturdays and Sundays, then it is only possible between 07:00-22:00). By bus to the starting point.
• Distance: 14 kilometers
• Duration: 9 hours (4.5 hours tour, 3.5 hours boat, 1 hour bus)
• Level of effort: Heavy
• Price per person € 45, - (including boat and bus)

Sunday  02 June           2024 Rottumeroog 09.30 am (together with Stichting Uithuizer Wad with a maximum 30 participants)

Saterday 20 June           2024 Rottumeroog 00.20 am (together with Stichting Uithuizer Wad with a maximum 30 participants)

Sunday 08 september    2024 Rottumeroog 04:30 am (together with Stichting Uithuizer Wad with a maximum 30 participants)

Sunday 22 september    2024 Rottumeroog 04:30 am(together with Stichting Uithuizer Wad with a maximum 30 participants)


(See also Night tours)


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