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The trip to the island of Rottumeroog is very special. Rottumeroog is located in a closed nature reservation area in the Eastern Wadden Sea region You will hike through a varied and untouched area. You will enjoy the flora and fauna of the area. Our association has a special license to hike to the outer area of this protected island several times a year. We gather at the fishing port of Lauwersoog and travel by bus to the starting point at the Emmapolder. The minimum group size is ca. 30 people, the maximum group size is 40 people. The first hour of the trip is strenuous due to muddy land reclamation works. Gradually, the mudflats become easier to hike through.
The ship that will bring us to the mainland is waiting for us at a sandbank at the edge of the island Rottumeroog from where we sail back to the mainland. You will be impressed to see the speed of the flood: the sandbank disappears quickly. From the ship, you have a beautiful view of the island Rottumerplaat. For sure, you will see seals!

• Departure place: fishing port of Lauwersoog, Parking place 4
• Distance: 14 kilometers
• Duration: 9 hours (4.5 hours tour, 3.5 hours boat, 1 hour bus)
• Level of effort: Medium to heavy
• Price per person € 35, - (including boat and overnight transportation; € 40, - incl. breakfast)

Until 01 september, all mudflat walks have been canceled!


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