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Wander through the salt marsh and watch birds and plants? Want to venture further into the Wad and become acquainted with the trench and gully system? Looking for seashells together with children? Or explore an unknown part of the Wadden area in the Dollard? Everything is possible; wanderings can be organized along the entire Wadden coast in Friesland and Groningen. The length and difficulty of the tour can be adjusted to your wishes. A wander is a good preparation for a crossing. The price is € 12,50 per person (Engelmansplaat return and Horsbornzand €15,00), for childeren under the age of twelve, there are two special tours; Noordpolderzijl and Eemswad. The price is €8,00; additional agreements apply to customization.

Departure place:
• Noordpolderzijl: Zijlweg 4, 9988 TD Usquert
• Robbengat: Schaapweg 30, 9969 TN Westernieland  (Linthorst Homan Polder)
• Molengat:  Dijksterweg 43, 9977 TD Kloosterburen  (Negenboerenpolder)
• Wadwandelen: Camping ′bie diek′, Hogeweg 33, 9977 PE Kruisweg
• Paesens/Moddergat: Stichting Oan é dyk, Achterwei 1, 9136 PX Paesens
• Dollard: Ambonezenbosje, Carel Coenraadpolder, 9684 TS Finsterwolde
• Eemswad: Departure point “Noordkaap”, Middenweg, Uithuizen. 
Tour with the Waddenvereniging: departure point, parking at Restaurant Diekgat; Kwelderweg 6, 9979 XN Eemshaven. 
•Horsbornzand: Emmaweg 64a, 9981 VC Uithuizen (Emmapolder). The Emmaweg is reached by taking the Lauwersweg from Uithuizen.

Wednesday 1 July Noordpolderzijl, 11:40 am
Sunday 5 July Molengat, 15:20 am
Sunday 12 July Eemswad, 7:55 am
Saturday 18 July Paesens-Moddergat, 13:20 pm
Friday 24 July Paesens-Moddergat, 18:15 pm
Tuesday 28 July Robbegat, 9:15 am
Saturday 1 augustus Eemswad, 12:50 uur
Saturday 15 August Noordpolderzijl, 11:35 am
Sunday 16 August Paesens/Moddergat, 12:20 pm
Saturday 12 September Noordpolderzijl, 9:30 am 

Saturday 24 October Heringsplaat-Dollard, 09:45 am a Dollard trip for 20 persons, more information will follow!
(See Dollard)

Tours by appointment for at least 6 participants: date and time after consultation at .