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The Engelsmanplaat is a huge sandbar with a birdwatcher’s house and beacon. It is located between the islands of Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. To the north of the birdwatcher’s house there is a beautiful reef with bright white sand beaches, called the Rif.

There are two versions of the tour:
• One-way birdwatcher’s house and Rif (9 km), followed by boat trip to Lauwersoog (1.5 hours sailing)
• Return trip birdwatcher s house (14 km, about 4.5 hours)

One way (+ boat)
At the start of the trip, some mud is encountered, but soon we walk over hard sandflats. Our goal is the birdwatcher’s house, followed by a visit to the Rif. The Rif acts as a breakwater for the waves from the North Sea and thus protects the Engelmansplaat. The sandbar of the Rif has raised sea dunes which gives a beautiful difference in height to the landscape. After a nice walk around the Rif with beautiful views on Ameland and Schiermonnikoog, one is picked up by a boat.

• Departure: Parking place between Nes and Wierum, Nesserwei, on the dike
• Distance: 9 kilometers
• Duration: 3 hours of walking plus 1.5 hours of sailing.
• Level of effort: Easy
• Price per person € 35.00

Dates and times
Saturday 18 May 2019 Engelmansplaat night trip return 02:00 am 
Saturday 1 June 2019 Engelmansplaat return 13:00 pm 
Saturday 06 July 2019 Rondje Wad-West 05:00 am (One-way birdwatcher’s house and Rif, by boat to the island Schiermonnikoog. From the Island you go back by ferry to Lauwersoog). (Full)

Tours by appointment for at least 10 participants: date and time after consultation at .

Return trip (can be scheduled on request)
At the start of the trip we have to cross some mud, but soon we are hiking over hard sandflats. The goal is the birdwatcher’s house. We pass a creek with buoys, which also will be crossed on the way back. At the bird birdwatcher’s house we can take a break. Back on the mainland, we can visit a nearby terrace near the dike of Wierum.

Departure: Parking place between Nes and Wierum, Nesserwei.
• Distance: 14 kilometers
• Duration: 4.5 hours
• Level of Effort: Average
• Price per person € 15.00

Tours by appointment for at least 6 participants: date and time after consultation at .