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Stroll through the salt marshes and watch birds and plants! Continue on the mud flats and get to know tideways and tidal creeks! Look for shells with the children! Go to discover unknown parts of the Wadden area! 
These experiences can be offered along the entire Wadden coast in Friesland and Groningen. The hiking tours vary in distance and heaviness, usually lasting between 1.5 and 4 hours according to your liking. Such a coastal tour is a good preparation for a future crossing from mainland to island. The price is € 12.50 per person; additional agreements apply to customized tours by appointment. 

Departure places
Noordpolderzijl: Zijlweg 4, 9988 TD Usquert
Robbengat: Schaapweg 30, 9969 TN Westernieland (Linthorst Homan Polder)
Molengat: Dijksterweg 43, 9977 TD Kloosterburen (Negenboerenpolder)
Wadwalking: Camping “Bie Diek”, Hogeweg 33, 9977 PE Kruisweg
Paesens / Moddergat, Achterwei 1, 9136 PX Paesens
Dollard: Buttjeweg, Kanalpolder, Germany (approx. 15 km from Nieuweschans)
Dates and times
Saturday June 2, Robbengat or Noordpolderzijl at 6:30 pm
Saturday June 23 June Noordpolderzijl (poetry tour) at 12:00
Saturday June 30 Evening tour Noordpolderzijl at 18:30
Saturday July 21 Paesens / Moddergat with visually impaired people at 9:30 am
Saturday September 8, reserve date visually impaired people at 14:00 
Zo 07 oktober Noordpolderzijl at 14:30 pm

Tours by appointment for at least 6 participants: date and time after consultation at