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During the full moon night, we hike in approx. 4 hours from the mainland to Ameland. Half-way, we ll enjoy the sunrise and the gradual transition from darkness to daylight. Upon arrival early morning, a breakfast and strong coffee can be consumed at an additional cost of approx. € 10.00. The day is at leisure on the island. This trip is heavy and therefore only suitable for sports enthusiasts. Registration can therefore only be made in consultation with our guides.

Saturday 06 June 2020 Ameland night-tour, 02:35 am, can only be booked through the Waddenvereniging. (Aanvraag Waddenvereniging) (See Ameland)
Tours by appointment for at least 6 participants: date and time after consultation at .




Return trip 
At the start of the trip we have to cross some mud, but soon we are hiking over hard sandflats. The goal is the birdwatcher’s house. We pass a creek with buoys, which also will be crossed on the way back. At the bird birdwatcher’s house we can take a break. Back on the mainland, we can visit a nearby terrace near the dike of Wierum.

Data and times 
SundayJulyEngelsmanplaat return, Nachttocht, 02:25 am 
(See Engelsmanplaat)



A full moon, countless stars, lights in the Eemshaven, light of the lighthouse of Borkum and on the horizon the red lights on the windmills on the North Sea form the varied backdrop of this mudflat hike to the island of Rottumeroog in the dark of the night. Halfway the tour we enjoy the rising sun and the gradual transition from darkness to daylight. This tour is only suitable for sports enthusiasts.

Dates or times

(See Rottumeroog)