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RONDJE WAD EAST, Two Islands on one Day! 
We gather in Lauwersoog; and a bus will bring us to the starting point of our hike near Broek in the Negenboerenpolder. From the dyke warehouse and the dyke we enter the Wadden area. We wade through several tidal creeks and circumnavigate muddy areas and arrive at the imposing waterway ‘Zuidoost Lauwers’. We can enjoy the scenery, with the mainland in far distance. We hike westwards along the banks of the Zuidoost Lauwers to the tidal creek Spruit where the boat will bring us in approximately 15 minutes to the island of Simonszand. Here we can enjoy a tour around the island or just enjoy sitting and looking around. A fair chance that we will spot seals! 
An hour later, the boat will bring us to the huge sandbar ‘Balg’ on the East side of Schiermonnikoog. we hike over the beach in about 3 hours to a restaurant called “De Marlijn”. By bus we return to the (fishing) boat, which sails to Lauwersoog at the end of the afternoon after a break of several hours in the village. From Lauwersoog transportation is available to bring us back to our own cars.

• Departure:Fishing port Lauwersoog, parking place 4 (from the fishing port)
• Distance: 20 kilometers
• Duration: 6 hours of walking, 20/60 min by boat, 45 min ferry, 30 min by bus, on the way about 8 - 10 hours
• Level of effort: Medium / heavy
• Price per person approximately € 40, - (approximate price, depending on the execution)

We gather in Lauwersoog; and a bus will bring us to a parking place in between Nes and Wierum. The dyke, we enter the Wadden area. Our goal is the bird watchers house and then the Rif. The Rif acts as a breakwater for the waves from the North Sea and as such protects the Engelsman plate. The Rif sandbar has raised sea dunes which gives a beautiful difference in height to the landscape. After a nice trip at a relaxed pace over the Rif, where you can enjoy the beautiful view from the landscape around you and the view on Ameland and Schiermonnikoog, you have the possibilty to find shells along the North Sea beach. After that you will be picked up by a boat. The boat will drop you off at Schiermonnikoog ferry port. You can reach the village by bus or on foot. After the trip, the ferry will bring you back to Lauwersoog.

Departure: Fishing port Lauwersoog, Parking place 4
• Distance: 12 kilometers
• Duration:4 hours of walking 60 min by boat; 45 min ferry
• Level of effort: Easy
• Price per person € 35.00 (including bus to the starting point. Boat to Schiermonnikoog, transport on the island to the village and by ferry back to Lauwersoog)
Transport to Schiermonnikoog from the village to the ferry is not included.

Until 01 september, all mudflat walks have been canceled!
(See Simonszand)

Tours by appointment for a minimum participants wich depends of the cost of the boat: date and time after consultation at .