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This tailor-made mudflat walking tour wanders along the waterline around the southwestern end of Schiermonnikoog called ‘The Reef’.
This area is bordered by mudflats called ‘Siege Wal’ in the east and the ‘Oude Wal’ in the southwest. We walk along the gully of the marina towards  the main gully of the ferry, the ‘Groote Siege’, which turns southwest into the ‘Gat van Schiermonnikoog’. We round the southwestern tip of Schiermonnikoog and eventually arrive at Westerstrand opposite the beach entrance at Pole #2 at the end of Westerburenweg.
During this trip we come across a few trenches at the marina and at the southern tip a main channel that drains the water from The Reef during the ebb tide.
A beautiful tour for people who spend their holiday on the island of Schiermonnikoog and enjoy visiting and experiencing the beautiful mudflats from the Schiermonnikoog side. This tour is subject to the availability of sufficient guides from De Vrije Wadlopers.

● Place of departure: At the island side entry of the ferry dam.
● Distance: Approximately 10 km
● Duration: 3 hours
● Difficulty: medium
● Price per person €12.50 (excluding costs for transport to/from/on the island).


Tours by appointment for at least 6 participants: date and time after consultation at