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The tour across the Hornhuizerwad and Lutjewad offers a nice introduction to mudflat hiking. This part of the Groninger Wad is varied with a mostly easy-to-walk sandy surface and a beautiful view on the island of Schiermonnikoog and the coast of the province of Groningen. The starting point is the dyke warehouse of the Negenboerenpolder. Good parking facilities exist here. We walk along the mainland side of the sea dyke for about 25 minutes, then cross the sea dyke in order to enter the Hornhuizerwad with a wide and beautiful salt marsh and along a brushwood dam. After crossing a large gully, the Vierhuizergat, we can walk along the gully. If desired, the tour can be extended to Lutjewad towards the west.We will return through the salt marsh to the parking lot.


● Place of departure: dyke warehouse in the Negenboerenpolder. Address: Dijksterweg 43, 9977 TD Kloosterburen
● Distance: 10 km
● Duration: 3 hours
● Difficulty: medium
● Price per person €12.50


Tours by appointment for at least 6 participants:
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